About Us

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Lisa Green - CMO
Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

From Being Broke and Frustrated to $10,000 Monthly from Blogging in less than 5 Years. On Henryguru we have a Vision and Goal Our goal is to help at least 7000 people make a substantial income from blogging which allows them to live a happy life.

Before then lets talk about why we want to do it.

I imagine you wondering some things like

  • Is this real/ legit?
  • Is it a get rich quick BS scam?
  • Who are these people again?

Before you get to know about us, can relate to any of these:

  • Do you ever feel like you will never have the freedom you want?
  • Sick and tired of always waking up to alarm clocks
  • Cant travel like you’ve always wanted
  • You always wish you have enough time to spend with your family and friends
  • Arent comfortable with your salary (Your salary can’t pay your bills)

If yes, then you are on the platform