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5 Best Free and Paid Online Backlink Checker Tools for Website

Backlink checker is a web-based tool and a powerful traffic builder that shows links redirecting traffic to your domain. The importance of backlinks cannot be overemphasized as such a backlink checker tool helps to know your backlinks and competitors backlinks.

5 Best Free & Paid Online Backlink Checker Tools for Website

In spite of constant changes in Google algorithm, a backlink is still one of the ranking factors. However, in the advent of  Google’s Penguin algorithm update, low-quality backlinks were devalued. On this post, we will go through some of the best online backlink checker websites.

Why you need backlink checker tools:

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. backlinks used to be one of the most important ranking parameters because of Google updates it has been slightly demoted.

Backlinks include Do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

Do follow links are the backlink that is of importance to a blog or websites. Backlink checker tools help in counting the number of backlinks we have created for our site. Despite the changes, quality backlinks help immensely in improving the page rank and as well as the Moz rank of our site.

Free online backlink checker tools will enable you to see your backlinks. Some offer detailed results while revealing on a few backlinks.

Backlink Checker for Website | Find Backlinks to your site with these websites:

There are thousands of backlink checker out there such as Smallseo tools, Ubersuggest and much more. Below are some other great tools you can use.


1. SEMRUSH: Most popular with multiple features

SEMRUSH is perhaps the most robust SEO tool because of its functionalities. Although  It is not a free backlink checker,  SEMRUSH offers free service for 14 days and a $199 after.

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SEMRUSH has an extensive database that allows accurate backlink check and backlink status. You can also the check backlinks of the website and that of your competitor’s.

There is also a backlink comparison tool that can be used to compare domain backlinks of websites.
An overall report can be compiled by the backlink checker on request. Get free Trial Here.

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