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The new Facebook avatar has brought a lot of excitement to the world through the Facebook app. For Facebook users who have probably not figured out how to make an avatar with the Facebook app or have not noticed the Facebook app is capable of creating a cartoon that looks like you. We will get to know how to create a Facebook avatar with the new Facebook avatar.

facebook avatar


Firstly, what is a Facebook avatar? The question is enough for Facebook user to know that Facebook has unleashed something interesting for its users.

As you have seen many cartoon images of people or probably your own-self after you finish creating one. The cartoon images have been brought to another level as you can now make one for yourself or anyone at all with your Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Facebook avatars is a cartoon image that was introduced to the facebook app by the most searched social media platform, Facebook.

The feature was created for users to be able to make a cartoon that looks exactly like them. The cartoon images are similar to that of snap-chat bitmojis, apple Memojis and other emojis.

The Facebook avatars has been available in the United states of America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

It is more interesting for Facebook users because you dont need to download an emoji creator app to make your own avatar.

FB Avatar

It has been made easy for users to create avatar images using their Facebook app. Unlike some emoji apps that requires you to buy or pay for some features of your emoji. The Facebook avatar is absolutely free of charge as long as you have your Facebook app installed in your phone.

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The avatars are made to help FB users react or show someone how they feel with the use of the cartoon images.

The amazing thing about the FB avatar is that you can access them on your mobile phones, ipads, computers and any digital device as far as you have created your avatar.

For Facebook users who have not created an avatar, it is quite easy as you will need your mobile phone and have your Facebook app installed.

How to create and Access Facebook avatar

Log in to your FB account on your mobile device. This is the easiest step to take when you are on way to make an avatar that looks like you. If you do not have the Facebook app, you can download it from play-store on android devices. Its also available on apple store for iPhone devices.

  • Click on the three horizontal line on at the top right side of your FB home page. (for Iphone devices the horizontal bars are the bottom right of your Facebook homepage.
  • A list of options will be shown. click see more.
  • Click on avatar to get started.
  • Now you can choose you preference of how you want your avatar to look.
  • chose skin tone, complexion, hairstyle, eye colors, face shape, body structure, eye glasses, and more.
  • after you finish creating your avatar click “Done” and “Next”
  • Now your avatar is ready, you can choose to use your FB avatar as your profile picture permanently or temporarily.
  • You can share your FB avatar with friends on messenger and other apps.
  • Your FB avatar image can be used to react to post as well.
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Facebook avatar not working on my phone

Most Facebook users who are keen on creating an avatar for themselves have had challenges to find the avatar on their mobile devices.

There is no need for panic as the Facebook avatar is available in European countries and other part of the world. But if you are having difficulties finding your avatar. Or how to create one these are few things you need to know about the Facebook avatar.

  • Facebook avatars was first introduced in the US, UK, and some other European countries like New Zealand, and Australia.
  • While Americans created their Facebook avatars others were having challenges. The head of FB app, Fiji Simo said its possible for everyone to have the Facebook avatars on their FB app.
  • According to fiji simo, the avatar should have rolled out on all operating system. And you can find the avatars when you click on the menu on your Facebook app and click see more.

She also said you can find the avatar feature when you click on your stickers and select the purple face that will allow you customized your avatar. They can be used as stickers in comments and posts after customization.

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