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Formerly, Facebook Avatar was not available in Africa. But now we all have the privilege to make use of it. Facebook Avatar gives us the privilege to create a cartoon version of ourselves. Facebook gave it’s using a new way of expressing themselves with the introduction of Avatars.

Facebook Avatar
Even with how vast the news about Facebook Avatar spreads, it’s no doubt that some people are still unaware of the Facebook Avatar app that was added to the platform. And what’s amazing about it is that it is simple to use for all.

Facebook Avatar App Link

It was early this year that Facebook Avatar was added to the platform. This feature offers users the chance of making an animated version of themselves.

And not just making an animated character, but also being able to customize it to their taste.
You can be able to use the avatar for different purposes such as making comments, post as status, making comments and it can even be used as your profile.

Millions of Facebook users in different countries are already enjoying the new feature by making use of it.

Facebook Avatar app

Just as said earlier, this feature was rolled out or either way, said as been launched this year. It is just for users to feel the experience of their animated self.

And the fun in it is that the style you didn’t get the chance to express in real life, you will be able to express it with your online friends. This clearly means that you will be able to add whatever you feel like adding to the avatar.

The feature is currently available in some countries, meanwhile, the team is still working on making the feature global. And with that way, billions of Facebook users will be able to use the feature.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Lots of users have been having fun and also be able to interact with users in a different way, due to the release of this avatar feature. This is made possible because you can use it as a profile picture and also in comments.

The reason why I used the word “Facebook Avatar 2020” is because this feature was released in 2020.

You can access this feature from wherever you are as long as it is available to you. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that you need to have the updated Facebook version on your smartphone.

I now believe that with the information you have gained so far, that you will be eager to make your avatar. I know that no one will want to miss out on this great opportunity of a better fun way to interact with friends.

You don’t know how to create a Facebook Avatar?
Don’t worry, I’ll put you through the steps to successfully create an animated version of yourself.

Facebook Avatar For Free

Many who are not yet familiar with the avatar feature on Facebook might think that you need to subscribe or pay some amount of money to be able to have access to the animated avatar feature.

You need to know that there’s no amount required in order to be able to make use of the avatar feature. As long as you are a Facebook user, you are already authorized to make use of the feature.

Making use of the Facebook Avatar does not require any cost other than the usual kilobytes that get exhausted when you are online. Keep reading to know more about the Facebook Avatar feature.

Create My Facebook Avatar on Facebook

Creating Facebook Avatar just requires some series of steps that are simple and fast. The only thing that is important is for you to have a smart device. Be it an “iOS or Android” device.
Now follow the instructions below to know how you can create your Avatar on Facebook.

  • Launch your Facebook official app, but make sure that it is updated.
  • Then log in to your account using your contact number, email, or password.
  • Now that you are logged in to your account, tap on the menu icon which is represented by three horizontal lines
  • Then scroll down and you will see where it is written: “see more” and click on it.
  • Select “Avatar” on the list of options and tap next.
  • Choose your skin tone and proceed with customizing your avatar.
  • Then, select your desired hairstyle, hair color, complexion, face shape, beauty marks (face lines), and the rest.
  • Then you will need to choose your body type, your desired outfit, and other accessories if you wish to.
  • When you are through with your customization, then tap “Done” and then “Finish”
  • Tap on “Next” and then you tap done again to commence.

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